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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sh: remove stray markers

* Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

> arch/sh has a couple of stray markers without any users introduced
> in commit 3d58695edbfac785161bf282dc11fd42a483d6c9. Remove them
> in preparation of removing the markers in favour of the
> TRACE_EVENT macro (and also because we don't keep dead code
> around).
> Paul, are you okay putting this in via the tracing tree? I'd like
> to have all marker removals queued up there so we can kill it in
> one go once 2.6.31 opens.

It's fine with me to have this included in the SH tree as well. The
process.c files tend to be frequently modified in architectures so
having overlap between tip/tracing and the SH tree could become
awkward to Paul.

Also, if there's some current use of these markers then it's OK to
not do this change right now but replace them with tracepoints in
the v2.6.31 merge window, after both the SH and the tracing
infrastructure changes are upstream.


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