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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ext4/jbd2: remove stray markers

* Christoph Hellwig <> wrote:

> ext4/jbd2 has a couple of stray markers without any users
> introduced in commit ba80b1019aa722b24506db1ee755e0bb2f513022
> (which has a very useless changelog, btw). Remove them in
> preparation of removing the markers in favour of the TRACE_EVENT
> macro (and also because we don't keep dead code around).
> Ted, I think you have some TRAVE_EVENT patches for ext4 pending,
> but is it okay to queue up this removal in the tracing tree? That
> way we can remove the markers leftovers there completely as soon
> as the 2.6.31 merge window opens.

i think these markers are still in active use, so i'd not remove
them before Ted's TRACE_EVENT() changes are included. We can/should
do that in a single topic - in a work flow that suits Ted best.

We can do a -git based special-purpose topic branch in -tip, or we
can do it in tip/tracing, or we can pull a (-git based) branch from
Ted. Or we can delay it all to the v2.6.31 merge window. Ted's


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