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    SubjectRe: compat ioctl32 for /dev/snapshot?
    Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > On Monday 04 May 2009, Michael Tokarev wrote:
    >> Is the following patch ok? I just pulled all the SNAPSHOT_* stuff from
    >> include/linux/suspend_ioctls.h and added them into fs/compat_ioctl.c.

    > You are however missing support for deprecated ioctls in your
    > code: SNAPSHOT_SET_SWAP_FILE and SNAPSHOT_PMOPS are trivial
    > (COMPATIBLE_IOCTL), but you also need to add support for
    > these

    Well, as comments in that file (kernel/power/user.c) states, those
    ioctls are obsolete and will be removed and are only preserved for
    compatibility etc. Since no one complained so far (well, no one
    complained about whole /dev/snapshot thing at all ;), maybe there's
    no need to define those and the following ones too?

    > #define SNAPSHOT_ATOMIC_SNAPSHOT32 _IOW(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 3, compat_uptr_t)
    > #define SNAPSHOT_SET_IMAGE_SIZE32 _IOW(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 6, compat_ulong)
    > #define SNAPSHOT_AVAIL_SWAP32 _IOR(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 7, compat_uptr_t)
    > #define SNAPSHOT_GET_SWAP_PAGE32 _IOR(SNAPSHOT_IOC_MAGIC, 8, compat_uptr_t)
    >> I can't test it so far, because uswsusp tools are broken in mixed
    >> 32/64bit case in other places. But at least it compiles fine and
    >> does not complain anymore.
    > I try to reduce the size of compat_ioctl.c. A better implementation
    > would be to add a ->compat_ioctl() operation to the file_operations
    > and list the compatible ioctl numbers as well.

    Well, your way is definitely a lot cleaner. But I didn't know about
    either of them anyway :)

    > Please try this patch instead:

    Ok. Your patch was garbled by your MUA (inserting =3D =20 and breaking
    lines), but that's ok. After de-garbling it now complains about
    undefined compat_uptr_t. For that, I've added

    #ifdef CONFIG_COMPAT
    #include <linux/compat.h>

    at the end of the file. Also there was a typo (duplicated above),
    compat_ulong should be compat_ulong_t. After all that it finally
    compiles. As of "works" -- the above my comment still applies,
    uswsusp for one is badly broken on 32/64 bits. I'm trying to
    create a simpler test-case, as time permits.



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