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    SubjectRe: btusb auto suspend
    Hi Peter,

    > What is the current status of btusb auto suspend? btusb not having this
    > feature basically renders BT useless on mobile devices.
    > I found some rfc patches and discussion over on linux-pm/-usb but
    > couldn't find a clear consensus.

    I think none of the patches apply anymore. So they have to be redone
    against the latest -rc4 kernel or bluetooth-testing.git.

    We had some battles with broken Bluetooth hardware that requires to keep
    the interrupt and bulk URBs in fly, because otherwise the firmware
    inside the controller can't sync them up and times out. These are all
    fixed now, but nobody has looked at the auto suspend stuff. Feel free to
    pick Oliver's patches up and send them for review. If you do so, please
    use since I do miss posting on LKML from
    time to time.



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