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SubjectRe: 2.6.30rc7: ksoftirqd CPU saturation (x86-64 only, not x86-32) (e1000e-related?)
On 1 Jun 2009, Andrew Morton said:

> Let's cc netdev on this.
> Presumably it is a post-2.6.29 regression.

I don't know: the earliest kernel this machine has ever run was
2.6.30rc5, and this failing 2.6.30rc7 kernel is the first 64-bit kernel
I've ever run on it. So currently I have one single data point.

I plan to try out 2.6.29 (and back to 2.6.25 or thereabouts) tomorrow
and see if it ever worked: if it did I'll bisect for it (rendered tricky
by the out-of-tree e1000e driver, but doable: it would be easier if I
had a clue where the e1000-devel git tree is, if anywhere, but I still
have no idea despite considerable searching).

It seems to go wrong instantly, so replication is trivial, and this
system can compile a kernel in slightly under a minute, so it shouldn't
take too long to complete the bisection.

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