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SubjectRe: [RFC v3][PATCH 2/2] intel_txt: Intel(R) TXT and tboot kernel support
On Wed 2009-05-27 13:15:14, rms wrote:
> This scheme must be very different from anything I've heard of before.
> Can you tell me where to find a description?
> I want to study whether it really avoids being affected by GPLv3,
> and how we can fight against it.

Some description is here: .

And yes, I believe it avoids GPLv3: TXT allows user (I _hope_ it is
root-only) to boot tamper-free sandbox. As long as Windows (or
something) runs in the sandbox, I believe even GPLv3 would allow that.

OTOH... I do not think mainline kernel should support this. It does
not add anything to the user's security, and allows all kinds of nasty
(cesky, pictures)

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