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SubjectRe: ptrace && task->exit_code
On 05/27, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > I didn't realize this until yesterday, but perhaps it makes sense
> > to decouple ptrace && task_struct->exit_code?
> I've long thought this was an attractive idea. But it seems to have lots
> of complications at least as long as ptrace-wait shares so much code with
> normal wait. I'd figured this might be one of the last things we clean up
> after ptrace is disentangled from core data structures in most every other
> way.
> > This is not completely trivial, needs another short series.
> I suspect it is more hassle than benefit to do this now.
> I don't think it is the right priority.
> > And. I spent a lot of time, but I can't see how to solve the problems
> > with TASK_STOPPED tasks if we do this change.
> I bet the complications of this all will be substantially different after
> we change the ptrace locking. So let's not worry about it yet.

I just can't stop thinking of it ;)

Perhaps I missed something, but except the problem above this does not
look too hard. How about something like this:

--- a/kernel/ptrace.c
+++ b/kernel/ptrace.c
@@ -228,7 +228,11 @@ int ptrace_attach(struct task_struct *task)

__ptrace_link(task, current);

- send_sig_info(SIGSTOP, SEND_SIG_FORCED, task);
+ spin_lock(task->signal->siglock);
+ if (task_is_stopped(task) && !task->exit_code)
+ task->exit_code = SIGSTOP;
+ specific_send_sig_info(SIGSTOP, SEND_SIG_FORCED, task);
+ spin_unlock(task->signal->siglock);
write_unlock_irqrestore(&tasklist_lock, flags);


If we attach, and the task is already stopped, this really means
it was traced and untraced. We can set ->exit_code = SIGSTOP to
ensure do_wait() will succeed.

This also relates to attach-wait-on-stopped test-case, I cc'ed
Jan and Denys.

Note also that after

do_wait: fix waiting for the group stop with the dead leader
commit: 90bc8d8b1a38f1ab131a2399a202e1889db95de8

we can't confuse task->real_parent waiting for jctl stop.

What do you think?

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