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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/12 v2] ptrace: introduce task_struct->ptrace_cxt
On 05/28, Roland McGrath wrote:
> 5/12 still needs a comment about its assumption that tracehook_init_task()
> allocated the struct iff appropriate.

Not sure I understand... Where should I put this comment?

> Some log entries (or maybe comments)
> I saw said "->pt_*" though that is not the name of the field in the patch.

Yes, the changelog for 9/12.

> Other than the task_lock/kfree nit in 4/12 it all looks good to me so far.

OK, will redo and resend. Perhaps I should send this series to you
privately? I don't like to flood lkml again, the changes are cosmetic.


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