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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 15/32] union-mount: Documentation

    Jan Blunck:
    > +Rename across different levels of the union is implemented as a copy-up
    > +operation for regular files. Rename of directories simply returns EXDEV, the
    > +same as if we tried to rename across different mounts. Most applications have
    > +to handle this case anyway. Some applications do not expect EXDEV on
    > +rename operations within the same directory, but these applications will also
    > +be broken with bind mounts.

    Is renaming a regular file supported?
    Accrding to the change in "[PATCH 24/32] union-mount: in-kernel file
    copy between union mounted filesystems", every rename under union seems
    to be rejected.

    link(2) may be similar.
    When a "fileA" exists in the lower fs only, link("fileA", "new_file")
    will return EXDEV too.

    J. R. Okajima

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