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    SubjectRe: [PATCH,RFC] gianfar: fix BUG under load after introduction of skb recycling

    On May 23, 2009, at 13:51, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

    > Since commit 0fd56bb5be6455d0d42241e65aed057244665e5e ("gianfar:
    > Add support for skb recycling"), gianfar puts skbuffs that are in
    > the rx ring back onto the recycle list as-is in case there was a
    > receive error, but this breaks the following invariant: that all
    > skbuffs on the recycle list have skb->data = skb->head + NET_SKB_PAD.
    > Michael, can you re-test with this version of the patch?
    > Andy, can you see if this is OK with you?

    Hi, I have been running tests with this patch for the last 6 hours and
    had no panics so far.
    So it fixes the issues I am seeing as well.

    Hope this helps,

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