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Subjecti2c-viapro / via-fb drivers on VIA CX700
On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 01:32:37PM -0500, Michael S. Zick wrote:

> The i2c-viapro driver (in spite of its comments) does not work
> on CX700 (written before manual was released) - it is reading
> the serial number rather than the second data port. ;)
> (No access to the chipset temperature/voltage data on SMBus).

This is surprising. I just manually verified the driver against the
cx700 programming manual, and it seems to do the right thing. Lacking
access to a cx700 board right now, I cannot perform an actual test.

Where exactly is the bug about the wrong register that you mentioned?
I'd rather fix that ASAP.

> The via-fb driver just "doesn't work" - Haven't looked at it yet.

good to know. Seems like I need to get access to a CX700 based board.

> There isn't a driver for the hardware watchdog on CX700 -

JFYI: I wrote one but it doesn't work on the vx800/vx855, and VIA is currently
trying to figure out why.

> There isn't a driver for the machine error reporting -

I think the CPU just claims to report it but in reality doesn't... this was
made to make some proprietary software happy, AFAIR.

- Harald Welte <>
VIA Open Source Liaison

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