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    SubjectRe: [Openipmi-developer] modprobe ipmi_si hangs under 2.6.30-rc5
    Corey Minyard <> writes:

    > I know what is happening now. Can you try the attached patch? I'm
    > disabling the requeue and discarding the message when an IPMB message
    > is received before everything is initialized. If you don't, the code
    > will not deliver any messages because something is already in the
    > queue.

    Yep, that fixed it, modprobe runs through now!

    > Ferenc Wagner wrote:
    >> My concern is that it does something too often, not letting the CPU
    >> enter deep sleep states, perhaps. Or is that also an artifact of
    >> debugging?
    > No, it's an artifact of a lousy hardware interface. Very few IPMI
    > interfaces support interrupts, so they have to be polled :(.

    I'd say this isn't an artifact but the sad truth itself. Just out of
    interest, how often does the driver wake up to check the inteface?

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