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    SubjectRe: [KVM PATCH v10] kvm: add support for irqfd
    Gregory Haskins wrote:
    > (Applies to kvm.git/queue:fd2e987d)
    > KVM provides a complete virtual system environment for guests, including
    > support for injecting interrupts modeled after the real exception/interrupt
    > facilities present on the native platform (such as the IDT on x86).
    > Virtual interrupts can come from a variety of sources (emulated devices,
    > pass-through devices, etc) but all must be injected to the guest via
    > the KVM infrastructure. This patch adds a new mechanism to inject a specific
    > interrupt to a guest using a decoupled eventfd mechnanism: Any legal signal
    > on the irqfd (using eventfd semantics from either userspace or kernel) will
    > translate into an injected interrupt in the guest at the next available
    > interrupt window.

    Applied, thanks.

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