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Date writes:

> OGAWA Hirofumi writes:
> > I'll answer to only technical part. This patch creates different name
> > internally, without renaming dcache. Are you really sure if that's ok?
> The name handling should be the same as the existing code path where
> goto shortname is done after vfat_create_shortname() in
> vfat_build_slots() (ie. when the name conformed to 8.3).
> What situation are you thinking of which this would cause a problem?

At this answer, I was missing the (is_shortname == 0).

However, if filename contains the chars in vfat_replace_char(). It will
have similar problem. In this case, this patch creates the dir entry
without longname. So, it wouldn't match to dcache and real dir entries.
OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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