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Subjectlinux-next: misc things
Hi all,

A couple of things:

it was suggested that my postings about problems (merge
conflicts/build errors/new warnings) in linux-next be sent to
linux-kernel. For now, I am cross posting them to linux-next and
linux-kernel. Let me know what you all think.

being as we are beyond -rc6, I expect all the maintainers are
busy stabilising their trees in anticipation of the new merge window.
(/me prepares for a rush of new stuff in linux-next ...)

its nice to see so many fewer red results in the builds

maintainers of trees included in linux-next may want to have a
look and see if some of those trees are still relevant. Some of them
have not had any updates since the previous merge window (or earlier). If
a tree is defunct (or served it short term purpose), please let me know
and I will remove it.
Stephen Rothwell
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