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SubjectRe: 2.6.30-rc6: Reported regressions from 2.6.29
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Stefan Richter wrote:
> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
>> On Sunday 17 May 2009, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>>> * Rafael J. Wysocki <> wrote:
>>>> Bug-Entry :
>>>> Subject : kernel crash with NULL pointer when boot
>>>> Submitter : Martin Bammer <>
>>>> Date : 2009-05-16 12:37 (1 days old)
>>>> References :
>>> that crash is in reiserfs_for_each_xattr(), during sys_unlink()'s
>>> xattr teardown.
>>> There's been a good deal of reiserfs changes in this cycle - some
>>> touch the xattr code as well. Some of them fairly late in the cycle,
> (Also, the bug is reportedly a post -rc5 regression.)
>>> in the last two weeks:
>>> earth4:~/tip> gll v2.6.29..linus --since=two-weeks-ago fs/reiserfs/
>>> 2a32ceb: Fix races around the access to ->s_options
>>> 677c9b2: reiserfs: remove privroot hiding in lookup
>>> b82bb72: reiserfs: dont associate security.* with xattr files
>>> ab17c4f: reiserfs: fixup xattr_root caching
>>> edcc37a: Always lookup priv_root on reiserfs mount and keep it
>>> 5a6059c: reiserfs: Expand i_mutex to enclose lookup_one_len
>>> Martin, you could try a blind revert of say ... ab17c4f, which looks
>>> the most suspect and which is also a rather large commit.
>>> Or/and you could try a bisect - perhaps accelerated via:
>>> git bisect start fs/reiserfs/
>> I think there's a fix already for this in the works, but it hasn't
>> been merged
>> yet. It looks like Jeff has just posted some reiserfs fixes. :-)
> I'd say Martin should try Jeff's pending patches before a revert or
> before starting a bisection. Either apply them from
>, or pull from
> git:// for-next
> or wait for them to appear in Linus' tree...
> I for one didn't test the post v2.6.30-rc5 changes to reiserfs, but I
> did try them _together_ with the four pending patches on a system with
> reiserfs root filesystem and extended attributes disabled in the config.
> Everything is fine here after almost a week uptime.

Yes, this bug is known and is fixed with "[patch 2/4] [PATCH] reiserfs:
deal with NULL xattr root w/ xattrs disabled"

- -Jeff

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Jeff Mahoney
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