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SubjectRe: 2.6.30-rc kills my box hard - and lockdep chains
2009/5/17 Andrew Morton <>:
> It is a deep stack trace.
> And unfortunately
> a) that diagnostic didn't print the stack pointer value, from which
>   we can often work out if we're looking at a stack overflow.
> b) I regularly think it would be useful if that stack backtrace were
>   to print out the actual stack address, so we could see how much
>   stack each function is using.

I have the same sense, because lockdep uses many recursion function ,which
may cause stack overflow easily.

>   I just went in to hack these things up, but the x86 stacktrace
>   code which I used to understand has become stupidly complex so I
>   gave up.
> What tools do we have to diagnose a possible kernel stack overflow?
> There's CONFIG_DEBUG_STACK_USAGE but that's unlikely to be much use.

Lei Ming
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