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    SubjectRe: Realtek 8168D: no active link (

    > On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 21:38 +0930, Jonathan Woithe wrote:
    > > Hi again
    > >
    > > Following up on my previous email, it seems that the stock kernel r8169
    > > driver is now working with the card in this machine ever since I tried the
    > > Realtek driver version 8.012.00. It's almost as if the Realtek driver
    > > "unlocked" something on the chip (eg: activated the PHY), the status of
    > > which is remembered across reboots and hard powercycles.
    > It's worth noting that a power cycle may not clear everything out, as
    > there is likely standby power being supplied even with you have the
    > machine off.

    Absolutely, that's why I went on to say that I did what I call a "hard power
    cycle", which involves removing mains power from the PC for a minute or so.
    As previously advised, the adapter kept working even after this.

    > You can be sure by disconnecting the mains power to the power supply for
    > 30 seconds or so -- I've seen some motherboards with large caps that take
    > a while to drain.

    Indeed. To follow up on this, as per my earlier email I left the machine
    disconnected from the mains all night - so it was truly "off" for about 9
    hours. Just before coming to work I flicked it on and the "link" LED lit
    almost immediately. So whatever the Realtek driver did, the resulting
    status would appear to be stored in some kind of non-volatile memory. While
    it would appear that this has worked around the problem for me, it would be
    nice if the mainline driver could do this itself.

    > It would be interesting to see if your problems come back after doing
    > this.

    As per my previous email and the above extended test, the problems do not
    seem to return - there doesn't appear to be any way to make the problem
    return in fact (at least under Linux).

    > Also, if you have another machine on the gigabit network, it would
    > be interesting to do 'nc -l 9000 > /dev/null' and 'nc target 9000
    > < /dev/zero' on the other and see if a ping between the machine
    > eventually stops working. This reliably hangs my 8168d card at home, but
    > it comes back with an ifdown/ifup sequence.

    This is obviously a separate issue but I will test this when I get home
    tonight and report back.


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