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    SubjectRe: Ricoh R5C822 and QUIRK_FORCE_DMA
    (cc:ing sdhci-devel)

    On Fri, 1 May 2009 00:45:24 +0200
    Tobias Diedrich <> wrote:

    > Do you know any controller bugs for this revision which may be the
    > reason for not advertising DMA capability?
    > I haven't done any big tests yet, but at first glance it seems to
    > read/write the card just fine.

    Might be a system problem so it's Lenovo that disabled it. You're the
    first report I've seen on this since the DMA logic was reworked so that
    DMA didn't have to be forced for most cases.

    Is there anyone else reading this that are having DMA problems?

    -- Pierre Ossman

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