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    SubjectRe: uses of cmpxchg/xadd in spinlock.h and rwsem.h vs. CONFIG_M386
    >>> "H. Peter Anvin" <> 12.05.09 18:04 >>>
    >Nick Piggin wrote:
    >> Is it time to get rid of attempts to support SMP kernels that run on 386, then?
    >> Considering we don't actually support SMP 386, and if there is any 386 systems
    >> then they're going to be running custom kernels anyway.
    >Makes sense to me. We have never supported SMP 386 to the best of my
    >knowledge, and a patch to rip that out would be appreciated.

    But why shouldn't a distro be allowed to configure a kernel that runs (UP) on
    i386 and also MP on modern systems?


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