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SubjectRe: Probe Timeouts with 47afbaf5af9454a7a1a64591e20cbfcc27ca67a8

On Mon, 11 May 2009, Johannes Berg wrote:
> Curious really, since with that fix and a revert it would go to -1 dBm.
> The only explanation I have is that then the Intel card defaults to some
> safe value because it doesn't support values < 0.

Well, since I'm testing this laptop for any corner cases, the non-working
case had actually been tested with things like multiple suspend-to-ram
cycles (while doing accelerated 3D and sound at the same time), along with
testing anything else I could think of. And everything worked, but
wireless wouldn't associate.

Reverting and rebooting, and it worked. But then when I wanted to
double-check (sadly _after_ having already sent out the complaint), I
now cannot get it to not work even without the revert.

And I've re-done all the STR testing, and that isn't the cause of it.

Oh well.

I don't actually tend to _use_ that laptop, it gets dug out for release
and distro testing and for some very occasional travel. I've not had
issues with wireless on that thing before (apart from any normal iwl
issues), but maybe it just happened to take a really really long time to
associate that one time.


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