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SubjectRe: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 03/11] Xen: Rename the balloon lock
Isaku Yamahata wrote:
> Hi. Please please don't move the arch common variable
> into x86 specific file. It causes link error on ia64.
> Before I sent the patches to fix it twice or so,
> but it seems to be dropped.

Sorry, I can't seem to find them. Could you resend?

I guess there's the larger issue of whether the
xen_create_contiguous_region() code is also useful on ia64. It seems to
me the options are:

* it is, so we should move the code somewhere common (along with the
* it isn't so ia64 will have its own version (in which case it can
define its own version of the lock without much impact)
* or we could move the lock anyway, but there's no very obvious
place to put it


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