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SubjectRe: Probe Timeouts with 47afbaf5af9454a7a1a64591e20cbfcc27ca67a8

On Mon, 11 May 2009, Johannes Berg wrote:
> I always only said it was fixed in wireless-testing and that the fix was
> on the way upstream. I have no influence over more.

Well, since I can't seem to reproduce the problems I had, and since it's
possible that it wasn't the revert as much as just the reboot itself that
cleared things up for me, right now I can no longer check one way or the

Earlier, it looked like just reverting that commit ended up fixing things,
which made me very unhappy, since:

> What does "older" mean here, and what kernel were you using?

"older" means a few years old. It's a compaq/hp 2510p that I've bug out in
preparation for late-rc 2.6.30 testing to see that everything works fine.

And the kernel I'm using is top-of-git, so that fix was there.

Which was obviously exactly why I was so unhappy about this, since the
revert seemed to fix problems for me _despite_ the fix.

But now that I can't re-create it, I must assume that it was some other
random thing unrelated to the revert.


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