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    SubjectRe: [patch 00/13] devtmpfs patches
    On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 12:55, Alan Cox <> wrote:

    > You've yet to demonstrate
    > - That your patches are a real speed up

    And I did, and it's obvious that creating a single file along with the
    ~10 we already create in /sys, instead of running through /sys or
    /proc later and reconstruct what we missed, is always, and in every
    case faster and simpler. It gets rid of a bunch of things we need to
    do today, and depending how much of the things you remove, you get
    faster. It's a different model and hard to compare directly. But for a
    fact, you can never be faster than the kernel provided nodes.

    > - That dumping more crap in kernel without policy and management is a
    >  good idea

    What exactly do you find is "crap"? What do you mean with "management"?

    > - That the other proposals are worse than yours.

    I also did, in exactly this thread.

    > Arjan produced detailed boot graphs and boots a box very fast indeed. I
    > see no boot graphs, no detailed analysis here.

    I did in a reply to your earlier mail. And also mentioned the
    init=/bin/sh case, which I think, would be reason enough alone,
    without all the other gains, to do that.

    > Instead we have obnoxious threats to Eric Biederman and an "I am going to
    > ram this into the kernel whatever" approach.

    Nobody says such thing. I just defend against "dog-slow", "backroom",
    and the proposal of even more broken hacks to solve this very problem.
    There is no hammering at all, it's just my personal discomfort with
    replies who ignore the real issues, and bring up false facts.

    > Neither are constructive or useful and this isn't the way the Linux
    > kernel project works.

    You might be right here, I don't disagree. It's becoming more a
    personal issue than a technical, and sorry for that. But stuff like
    this happens sometimes, and it's also sometimes "how the kernel
    project works". :) Again, sorry.

    > Yes maybe you can stuff things into Greg's tree
    > easily because you both work for SuSE but that isn't the right way to do
    > stuff for upstream.

    Come on. You can not convince Greg about anything, just because you
    happen to work for the same company. Many of us share a company with
    others, also you did in the past and you do now - and we will get
    nowhere bringing up such conspiracy statements.

    We came up with this, because we think it is the right thing, and it
    has proven to solve our problems, and I'm personally still convinced
    it is the best option, that's all.

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