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SubjectRe: + 28.7: network timeouts for r8169 and 8139too
On Sun May 10 2009, Michael Riepe wrote:
> Michael Buesch wrote:
> >>It seems to me that this particular chip really doesn't like MSI.
> >
> >
> > I can confirm this. I tried with msi enabled and it starts breaking
> > after a few seconds of heavy transfers. Disabling MSI results in a reliable connection.
> >
> > Maybe we should disable MSI as temporary workaround for affected chips?
> Yep. It may not solve the problem, but it's a lot better than turning
> MSI off for everything, including apparently working NICs that use the
> same driver(s).

Lucky people, at least you have a device specific driver. ;)
No device specific driver for the Via PCI-to-PCIe bridge (1106:324B)
used in the CX700 chip set.
(and the 8139too driver is not acting up on this machine.)

Not a problem in my case, building without MSI support gives up very little.


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