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SubjectRe: [PATCH] blktrace: swap arg name "from" and "to" of blk_add_trace_remap
KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
>> I believe this may be more messed up than you believe: Consider the last
>> function: blk_log_remap. Notice how you are printing the /device/ and
>> /sector_from/ as one pair. Isn't that confusing too: wouldn't one expect
>> /device_from/ and /sector_from/ to be paired up?
>> I ran into this problem a long time ago - hence the current code in
>> blkparse contains:
>> if (act[0] == 'A') { /* Remap */
>> get_pdu_remap(t, &r);
>> t->device = r.device_from;
>> }
>> Which puts the device_from out at the beginning of the line, and then
>> the 'device' + 'sector' (== 'sector_from') out at the end of the line.
>> (Which, of course, is all confusing.)
> Good viewpoint!
> Currently, 99% blktrace user use blktrace and blkparse command, not
> ftrace framework.
> So, ABI changing is proper way?
> I'd like to hear Jens and Li opinion.

I'll hold off reposting until Jens and Li concur.

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