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Subject[PATCH 0/12]: Sparc64 dynamic per-cpu support.

This patch set converts sparc64 over to use the dynamic per-cpu stuff.

Most of the work is the boring task of getting rid of the special
"real_setup_per_cpu_areas()" sparc64 uses to setup the per-cpu areas
before bootmem is available. We needed to do this because we
initialized the cpu possible map at the same time as the stuff stored
in the per-cpu cpu_data array.

So we split those tasks up. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to convert
to dynamic per-cpu because that stuff requires that bootmem and the
page structs are ready to use.

For now I'm using the draconian unoptimized x86 NUMA remap scheme. I
really want to do this better because it is insanely suboptimal on
Niagara chips where in some cases 8 cpus share the same physical TLB.

This is against Linus's current tree and it's also in sparc-next-2.6

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