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SubjectRe: Regression: First hibernation attempt fails
On 4/9/09, Alan Jenkins <> wrote:
> Yet another issue in 2.6.30-rc1 which was not present in 2.6.29 :-). I
> wonder if it rings any bells?
> On my laptop (EEE 4G), the first attempt at hibernation fails.
> Subsequent attempts succeed.
> If I use s2disk as normal, I see "snapshotting system", then before it
> gets to write out the image, it aborts and switches back to X. I can't
> see any error message, even if I check the log with "dmesg".
> If I use "echo disk > /sys/power/state", echo reports the error "Cannot
> allocate memory".
> This only happens if I've logged in to X first. In fact, I narrowed it
> down to gnome-power-manager. If I kill gnome-power-manager beforehand,
> then it doesn't happen.

Hmm... killing g-p-m doesn't seem to affect this any more, perhaps I
spoke too soon. But not logging into X still avoids it.

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