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SubjectRe: cross-compilers
On Tue, 7 Apr 2009 23:46:12 -0600 Alex Chiang <> wrote:

> * Robin Holt <>:
> > Don't know if this answers your problem, but I use the tools from
> > emdebian and they do not suffer from the problems you list below.
> Wow, this seems _much_ simpler. Once you get the toolchain
> installed, all you have to do is set ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE
> appropriately?
> I guess the question remains for Andrew. Since I pretty much did
> all the work needed to update his cross-compiler repo, is there
> still value in it?

We would benefit very much from having someone who actually maintains a
suite of cross-compilers for kernel developers.

Yes, the stuff I put together is very old and at the time crosstool was
horridly hard to use. Hardly any combinations of anything actually
worked - what you see there is about 5% of the toolchains I had to
build. Apparently is has become better.

> Or shall we just recommend emdebian to everyone? :)

That sounds suspiciously like "thou shalt use debian". I was so
traumatised by dselect ten years ago that I don't think I could afford
the therapy bills.

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