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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.30-rc1
    Robin Holt wrote:

    > Booting an ia64 box with a tg3 adapter results in no network.
    > If I look
    > at the MAC address of the adapter, it has changed radically from the
    > original MAC. The original MAC continues to be reported by EFI and
    > booting an old kernel gets the correct MAC.
    > Good MAC: 08:00:69:13:E6:3C
    > Bad MAC: 00:00:3C:E6:13:69 (recreated from memory)

    Looks like endian swapped. Can you provide the entire tg3 signon
    string? Please also dump the beginning part of the nvram:

    ethtool -e eth0 length 0x90

    > If I set the MAC using ifconfig, then everything works normally.

    The bad MAC address that has been swapped is also a valid MAC address
    and should still work though.

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