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    SubjectRe: IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM question...
    1. Are there any new add_*_randomness() functions that could be added?
    Some userspace daemons like EGD (running as root) feed random system
    info (e.g. vmstat) into /dev/random. But how many Linux distros
    actually run entropy-gathering daemons by default? Would /dev/random
    be more secure if entropy-gathering daemons were replaced with new
    kernel functions like add_vmstat_randomness() or add_ps_randomness()?

    2. Are there any other functions that could be calling the existing
    add_*_randomness() functions? Currently:

    * add_input_randomness() is called from input_event().
    * add_interrupt_randomess() is called from handle_IRQ_event() if
    * add_disk_randomness() is called from blk_end_io() and __blk_end_request().

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