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SubjectRe: 2.6.29-git13: Reported regressions from 2.6.28
On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 10:07 PM, Linus Torvalds
<> wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Apr 2009, Trenton D. Adams wrote:
>> >
>> > This went through bisection, but looking at the email log, I tend to
>> > suspect that maybe Trenton marked some versions good even though they
>> > weren't (because they got versions numbers from v2.6.27), and didn't
>> > realize that that messes up bisection in a big way.
>> Is it appropriate for me to respond to these things?
> Yes. I added you to the cc exactly because it was hard for me to judge
> from the email discussion that is linked to in the regression list whether
> you actually _did_ mark some versions good because of confusion about the
> version numbering.

Oh, didn't know you CC'd me. I have just been searching for my name
to try and keep up to date on threads I participated in, because the
list volume is just too much.

> So you may well have done everything right, and I'm not trying to blame
> you. I just was hoping that maybe that confusion would explain why the
> bisection didn't seem to pinpoint anything sane..

This gave me a bit of a chuckle. ROFL. I didn't think you were
_blaming_ me. And even if you were, I'd just say "I'M HUMAN MAN". ;)

It is very well possible that I simply booted the wrong kernel, seeing
I had like 20 to choose from at the time, after doing all those
bisects. This time, I will make the new kernels the default so that
it is impossible to happen again, assuming that is what happened. I
will also stop and start alsa 2 or 3 times, in case it is a deadlock
timing issue as you mentioned.

I'm glad to know that I shouldn't be switching kernel versions though.
I thought that was really crazy.

> It would be good, especially if this bug doesn't end up being solved some
> other way... And slow results are better than no results at all ;)
> Linus

Okay, I will try again. Hopefully in a few days I'll have something
for the bug.

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