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SubjectRe: Swappiness vs. mmap() and interactive response
> test environment: no lvm, copy ext3 to ext3 (not mv), no change swappiness,
>                  CFQ is used, userland is Fedora10, mmotm(2.6.30-rc1 + mm patch),
>                  CPU opteronx4, mem 4G
> mouse move lag:               not happend
> window move lag:              not happend
> Mapped page decrease rapidly: not happend (I guess, these page stay in
>                                          active list on my system)
> page fault large latency:     happend (latencytop display >1200ms)
> Then, I don't doubt vm replacement logic now.
> but I need more investigate.
> I plan to try following thing today and tommorow.
>  - XFS
>  - LVM
>  - another io scheduler (thanks Ted, good view point)
>  - Rik's new patch

hm, AS io-scheduler don't make such large latency on my environment.
Elladan, Can you try to AS scheduler? (adding boot option "elevator=as")
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