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    SubjectLinux wireless mini-summit -- Berlin, June 2009

    As you may know, we are planning on having a wireless summit meeting
    in Berlin, Germany this June. This meeting is in cooperation with
    the Fedora FUDCon event, which will be accomodating us under the
    guise of a "hackfest". This event also overlaps (and co-locates)
    with LinuxTag 2009. Details are available here:

    FUDCon's are typically self-organizing under the BarCamp model.
    However, I have secured a promise that we will be allocated space
    for 1-2 dozen people on at least Friday 26 June and Saturday 27 June
    for our wireless event. I personally encourage everyone not only to
    attend LinuxTag but also to participate in the rest of FUDCon!

    So, here I open the floor for discussion of agenda items for our
    wireless meeting/hackfest. What do we think is important to discuss
    face-to-face this year? What isn't getting done? What is getting
    done wrong? What do we need that we didn't realize last year?

    Also, please consider making some sort of prepared presentation.
    Especially welcome would be topics that are accessible to those
    outside of the core wireless developer group, such as current
    projects on enhancing IBSS support, extended power savings, or any
    other user-visible topic. I'll be happy to take such proposals in
    private email or you can post them as part of this thread.

    Hopefully this gets the discussion started...please comment!


    P.S. We are also planning a meeting in Portland this September for
    those unable or unwilling to travel outside of North America for
    whatever reason -- stay tuned.
    John W. Linville Someday the world will need a hero, and you might be all we have. Be ready.

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