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SubjectRe: + page-owner-tracking.patch added to -mm tree
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu <> wrote:
>> One thing I'm not sure about this patch is whether it manages to
>> record an allocation only once, i.e. does it log a single event
>> when/if the slab allocator requests pages? Some time ago I sent a
>> patch adding GFP_NOTRACE to gfp.h, but was rejected. Maybe this
>> could be a way out of the mess.
>> (GFP_NOTRACE would also allow us to log "backend" allocations
>> easily and treat them separately, for the record, or simply filter
>> them out.)
> makes a lot of sense IMO to annotate these via a GFP flag.

Yup, make sense. I think I rejected the patch (did I?) because I wanted
to fix the slub/slab mess differently but here it makes perfect sense.


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