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SubjectRe: usbutils 0.81 release
On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:23:09 PDT, Greg KH said:

> Distros ship, like they do the same for the pci ids
> file. And you can consider the usb.ids file a "config file" :)

So my Fedora Rawhide box still has usbutils 0.73. I go snarf usbutils 0.81
from SourceForge and I find:

[~/src/usbutils-0.81] ls
AUTHORS aclocal.m4 depcomp list.h missing usbmisc.c
COPYING devtree.c lsusb-t.c names.c usbmisc.h
ChangeLog NEWS configure devtree.h lsusb.8 names.h
INSTALL README install-sh lsusb.c usb.ids
[~/src/usbutils-0.81] grep update-usb *
ChangeLog: * add "-q" (quiet) option for cron jobs;
ChangeLog: * add, based on

So it's not in the tarball, and it's apparently not created by the Makefile.

So where is it?
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