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SubjectRe: [Bug #13001] PCI-DMA: Out of IOMMU space
On Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:18:57 +0500
**UNKNOWN CHARSET** <> wrote:

> No, it is regression. I can reproduce that without allowdac and any
> other unnecessary boot options.

Hmm, in the bug repport, you said that you can't reproduce the problem:

I can't find your comment like, "I can reproduce that without

> In later discussion Grant Grundler ask
> me apply patch that show 32 bit dma devices in my system. Results I
> attached to bugreport. Looks like only one 32 bit dma device in my
> system is ata controller, sata-nv.

Hmm, looks like
said that pata_amd and sata_nv use 32bit dma mask.

> I can stable reproduce IOMMU out of space when I write data to sata
> drive.

Ok, let's figure out what's wrong.

First, can you test v2.6.30-rc3 with the following patch?

Note that please enable CONFIG_DMA_API_DEBUG, CONFIG_IOMMU_DEBUG, and
CONFIG_IOMMU_LEAK and see if you can reproduce the problem (of course,
don't use any kernel option).

When the kernel is out of IOMMU space, it prints some useful

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