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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] MIPS: Extend plat_* abstractions, cache support
    On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 05:03:43PM -0700, Kevin Cernekee wrote:

    > I am upgrading an SoC to the kernel from an earlier version,
    > and in the process I am switching over the old board support
    > customizations to use the newer, cleaner plat_* functions. I found two
    > cases where the plat_* functions did not provide enough information,
    > so I had to modify the API:
    > plat_unmap_dma_mem() - Our handler needs to know the size and direction
    > of the DMA mapping. This information is not encoded in the DMA address,
    > so it needed to be passed in explicitly.
    > plat_dma_addr_to_phys() - The bus<->physical address mappings differ
    > based on which bus is being used. It is not always possible to infer
    > which bus is being used from the bus address alone, so I added a
    > "struct device" to the function definition.
    > Also, our MIPS core uses 64-byte D$ lines, so I needed to generate the
    > corresponding blast* functions.
    > These patches apply against the GIT tree.

    Queued for 2.6.31. Thanks Kevin!

    Which SoC port are you working on btw?


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