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SubjectRe: [PATCH] X86-32: Let gcc decide whether to inline memcpy was Re: New x86 warning
> gcc 4.2.4 - withOUT memset patch: 20
> gcc 4.2.4 - with memset patch: 365
> gcc 3.4 - withOUT memset patch: 17
> gcc 3.4 - with memset patch: 349

Yes it sounds like 3.4 is worse on that than 3.2. Too bad.

> I'm guessing this is probably not acceptable, so I won't bother

It depends if the calls are in critical code. Or how big they
are (for a 1K memset it's totally fine to have it out of line).

For example for any memsets in __init functions we wouldn't
care. You could filter those out. And perhaps eyeball the code.


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