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    SubjectRe: [BUG 2.6.30_rc1] powernow-k8: oops during initialization
    Borislav Petkov wrote On 22-04-2009 10:38:
    > BIOS is missing the _PSS objects on which powernow-k8 relies. I'm pretty
    > sure you had similar message in earlier kernels but it was a simple
    > warning then.
    > Is it possible to upgrade your BIOS? If you're lucky, it might've been
    > fixed :).
    > Just read what the message says: it is not a kernel bug but simply your

    Yes I'm aware about the firmware bug but the backtrace shouldn't appear
    on the kernel log buffer, and yes I was having the firmware message with
    2.6.29 too but not with that backtrace.

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