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SubjectLinus 2.6.30-rc3

Another week, another -rc.

The patch is even bigger, since we ended up doing the renaming of the m32r
header files (last architecture to use the old include/asm-xyz format) and
the caiaq sound driver also renamed it's files. And this time I actually
checked that my patches are old-style patches without git rename
information, so they should all apply properly on the first try!

But apart from that, there shouldn't be a lot of huge excitement. Things
do seem to be calming down, knock wood.

The diffstat really shows lots of small one-liners and two-liners,
although there are areas that are getting bigger patches (ignoring the
bulky but uninteresting arm defconfig updates): some x86 updates, some
block IO scheduling fixes, splice cleanups and fixes, and a number of
driver changes (sound, networking, staging, usb).

CIFS and btrfs updates also show up pretty clearly.

And hopefully all the embarrassing and trivial regressions get fixed.

Which leaves us the more interesting ones, and making us ask people to
test more, of course.


Aaro Koskinen (1):
[ARM] 5450/1: Flush only the needed range when unmapping a VMA

Adrian McMenamin (1):
Documentation/filesystems: remove out of date reference to BKL being held

Ajit Khaparde (1):
be2net: fix for default setting of pause auto-negotiation

Akinobu Mita (1):
hugetlbfs: return negative error code for bad mount option

Al Viro (7):
Touch all affected namespaces on propagation of mount
Safer nfsd_cross_mnt()
No need for crossing to mountpoint in audit_tag_tree()
Fix autofs_expire()
autofs4: use memchr() in invalid_string()
reiserfs: fix j_last_flush_trans_id type

Alan Cox (4):
ata: Report 16/32bit PIO as best we can
vfat: Note the NLS requirement
Staging: aten2011: Clean up some tty bits
pata_via: Cache and rewrite the device bit

Alan Stern (2):
USB: usb-storage: augment unusual_devs entry for Simple Tech/Datafab
usb-storage: fix mistake in Makefile

Alex Chiang (1):
sysfs: don't use global workqueue in sysfs_schedule_callback()

Alexander Beregalov (38):
fs_enet: convert to netdev_ops
ibm_newemac: convert to netdev_ops
ariadne: convert to net_device_ops
am79c961a: convert to net_device_ops
at91_ether: convert to net_device_ops
ep93xx_eth: convert to net_device_ops
ether1: convert to net_device_ops
ether3: convert to net_device_ops
xtsonic: convert to net_device_ops
tsi108_eth: convert to net_device_ops
tc35815: convert to net_device_ops
sun3_82586: convert to net_device_ops
sh_eth: convert to net_device_ops
macsonic: convert to net_device_ops
macb: convert to net_device_ops
mac89x0: convert to net_device_ops
isa-skeleton: convert to net_device_ops
ioc3-eth: convert to net_device_ops
eth_v10: convert to net_device_ops
ehea: Fix incomplete conversion to net_device_ops
a2065: convert to net_device_ops
atarilance: convert to net_device_ops
au1000: convert to net_device_ops
bfin_mac: convert to net_device_ops
declance: convert to net_device_ops
Input: hp_sdc_rtc should depend on serio
Staging: at76: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: epl: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: et131x: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: otus: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: rt2860: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: rt2870: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: rt3070: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: slicoss: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: sxg: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: wlan-ng: convert to netdev_ops
Staging: line6: convert to snd_card_create()
fs/compat_ioctl: fix build when !BLOCK

Alexander Duyck (5):
net: netif_device_attach/detach should start/stop all queues
ixgbe: only allow WOL for 82599 KX4 NIC
igb: fix unused external references introduced with sr-iov changes
igbvf: fix unused external references
igb: do not check for vf_data if we didn't enable vfs

Anatolij Gustschin (2):
phylib: Allow early-out in phy_change
phylib: Add interrupt source check function to M88E1121R driver

Andi Kleen (1):
Don't set relatime when noatime is specified

Arjan van de Ven (4):
Input: i8042 - introduce a tougher reset
Input: i8042 - add a DMI table for the i8042.reset option
Input: remove unnecessary synchronize_rcu() call
driver synchronization: make scsi_wait_scan more advanced

Arve Hjønnevåg (8):
Staging: binder: Remove VM_EXEC check.
Staging: binder: Don't create two proc entries with the same name if the driver is opened twice in one process.
Staging: binder: mmap fixes.
Staging: binder: Add more offset validation.
Staging: binder: Keep a reference to the files_struct while the driver is mmapped
Staging: binder: Cast to uintptr_t instead of size_t when aligning pointers
Staging: binder: Prevent the wrong thread from adding a transaction to the stack.
Staging: binder: Defer flush and release operations to avoid deadlocks.

Atsushi Nemoto (1):
phylib: Fix delay argument of schedule_delayed_work

Barry Carroll (1):
Input: atkbd - add forced release keys quirk for Samsung NC20

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
ide: fix barriers support

Ben Dooks (20):
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: update to 2.6.30-rc2
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Update network options
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Update machine configuration
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Add MMC/SD core and drivers
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Add sound drivers
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Add video/radio drivers
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Update filesystem options
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Update USB device drivers
[ARM] s3c2410_defconfig: Update miscellaneous drivers
[ARM] S3C: Export s3c_gpio_cfgpin and s3c_gpio_setpull for modules
ASoC: Fix jive_wm8750.c build problems
ASoC: s3c-i2s-v2.c fix for s3c_i2sv2_iis_calc_rate
ASoC: Fix s3c-i2s-v2.c snd_soc_dai changes
ASoC: Fix include build error in s3c2412-i2s.c
[ARM] S3C24XX: Fix sparse error in gpiolib.c
[ARM] S3C: Fix sparse warning from missing 's3c_device_hwmon'
[ARM] JIVE: Fix sparse warnings about items which should be static
[ARM] Anubis: Fix sparse warnings for items that should be static
[ARM] Osiris: Fix double initialisation in machine block
[ARM] S3C: Fix ADC driver sparse warning

Ben Hutchings (3):
net: Update maintainers
sfc: Match calls to netif_napi_add() and netif_napi_del()
sfc: Use correct macro to set event bitfield

Ben Nizette (1):
Input: ads7846 - fix unsafe disable_irq

Brian Haley (1):
Bonding: fix zero address hole bug in arp_ip_target list

Chris Mason (7):
Export filemap_write_and_wait_range
Add block_write_full_page_endio for passing endio handler
Btrfs: use WRITE_SYNC for synchronous writes
Btrfs: add a priority queue to the async thread helpers
Btrfs: fix oops on page->mapping->host during writepage
Btrfs: use the right node in reada_for_balance
Btrfs: fix btrfs fallocate oops and deadlock

Christian Ehrhardt (1):
[S390] s390: move machine flags to lowcore

Christoph Hellwig (4):
md: tiny md.h cleanups
block: move bio list helpers into bio.h
GFS2: cleanup file_operations mess
kill vfs_stat_fd / vfs_lstat_fd

Cliff Wickman (4):
x86: UV BAU and nodes with no memory
x86: UV BAU messaging timeouts
x86: UV: BAU partition-relative distribution map
x86: UV BAU distribution and payload MMRs

Corey Minyard (3):
ipmi: fix platform return check
ipmi: test for event buffer before using
ipmi: fix statistics counting issues

Cornelia Huck (1):
[S390] dasd: Use the new async framework for autoonlining.

Dan Carpenter (1):
phy: error handling for platform_device_register_simple()

Daniel Mack (3):
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: clean up header includes
ALSA: snd-usb-caiaq: rename files to remove redundant information in file pathes
ASoC: pxa-ssp: allow setting of dai format 0

Daniel Ribeiro (2):
[ARM] pxa: fix typo of cs_deassert() in pxa2xx-spi.c
pxa2xx_spi: restore DRCMR on resume

Daniel T Chen (2):
ALSA: Intel8x0: Remove conflicting quirk for SSID 0x103c0934
ALSA: Intel8x0: Add hp_only quirk for SSID 0x1028016a (Dell Inspiron 8600)

Daniele Napolitano (2):
Staging: rt2870: add ID for Sitecom WL-315
otus/zdusb.c: additional USB idnetifier

Darius Augulis (2):
MX1ADS: remove I2C ifdefs
Fix ifdef in plat-mxc/irc.c

Dave Airlie (1):
drm: check for minor master before allowing drop master.

Dave Jiang (1):
edac: ppc mpc85xx fix mc err detect

David Brownell (3):
USB: musb_host, minor enqueue locking fix (v2)
USB: musb_host, fix ep0 fifo flushing
spi: documentation: emphasise spi_master.setup() semantics

David Howells (10):
MN10300: Discard duplicate PFN_xxx() macros
MN10300: Wire up missing system calls
MN10300: Stop gcc from generating uninitialised variable warnings after BUG()
The default CONFIG_BUG=n version of BUG() should have an empty do...while
RCU: Don't try and predeclare inline funcs as it upsets some versions of gcc
FRV: Don't attempt to #include <linux/blk.h> as it doesn't exist
FS-Cache: Add MAINTAINERS record for FS-Cache and CacheFiles
frv: insert PCI root bus resources for the MB93090 devel motherboard
FRV: Fix the section attribute on UP DECLARE_PER_CPU()
PERCPU: Collect the DECLARE/DEFINE declarations together

David S. Miller (3):
forcedeth: Use napi_complete() not __napi_complete().
sparc64: Fix smp_callin() locking.
Revert "rose: zero length frame filtering in af_rose.c"

David Vrabel (6):
USB: add reset endpoint operations
USB: whci-hcd: provide a endpoint_reset method
USB: whci-hcd: check return value of usb_hcd_link_urb_to_ep()
WUSB: disconnect all devices when stopping a WUSB HCD
WUSB: fix oops when completing URBs for disconnected devices
WUSB: correct format of wusb_chid sysfs file

David Woodhouse (1):
Fix i_mutex vs. readdir handling in nfsd

Denis V. Lunev (1):
pxafb: lcsr1 is unused without CONFIG_FB_PXA_OVERLAY

Dimitri Sivanich (1):
[IA64] smp_flush_tlb_mm() should only send IPI's to cpus in cpu_vm_mask

Dmitry Adamushko (1):
x86: fix microcode driver newly spewing warnings

Dmitry Torokhov (2):
Input: gameport - fix attach driver code
Input: atkbd - add forced release keys quirk for Samsung Q45

Dr. Greg Wettstein (1):
USB device codes for Motorola phone.

Eric Dumazet (1):
packet: avoid warnings when high-order page allocation fails

Eric Miao (5):
[ARM] pxa/colibri: fix missing variable name in inline functions
ASoC: magician: remove un-necessary #include of pxa-regs.h and hardware.h
Input: ads7846 - introduce platform specific way to synchronize sampling
Input: da9034-ts - add Bin Yang as co-author of the driver
Input: da9034-ts - make pen {down,up} events more reliable

Eric Paris (1):
scsi: mpt: suppress debugobjects warning

Etienne Basset (1):
Smack: check for SMACK xattr validity in smack_inode_setxattr

Evgeniy Polyakov (13):
Staging: pohmelfs: Populate dentry cache when receiving the new readdir entry.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Move parent lock to the place where we really have to send a lookup request to the server.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Disable read lock in pohmelfs_getattr().
Staging: Pohmelfs: Added 'need_lock' variable into debug print.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Set NETFS_INODE_REMOTE_SYNCED and clear NETFS_INODE_OWNED bits in the root inode.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Extend remount option.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Sync fs before killing it, since dentry cache is shrunk before writeback is invoked via generic_shutdown_super()
Staging: Pohmelfs: Reduce debugging noise about non-existing objects.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Use wait_on_page_timeout when waiting for remote directory sync instead of hardcoded 25 seconds.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Drop ftrans debugging code.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Added ->show_stats() callback.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Added IO permissions and priorities.
Staging: Pohmelfs: Add load balancing between network states with the same priority.

FUJITA Tomonori (1):
block: fix SG_IO to return a proper error value

Gautham R Shenoy (1):
sched: Avoid printing sched_group::__cpu_power for default case

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
Staging: STLC45XX should depend on GENERIC_HARDIRQS

Gerald Schaefer (1):
[S390] appldata: Use new mod_virt_timer_periodic() function.

Greg Kroah-Hartman (3):
driver core: prevent device_for_each_child from oopsing
Revert USB: usb-serial ch341: support for DTR/RTS/CTS
Staging: go7007: fix build issues

H Hartley Sweeten (1):
kernel/softirq.c: fix sparse warning

Hans J. Koch (1):
UIO: fix specific device driver missing statement for depmod

Hartley Sweeten (2):
[ARM] 5451/1: ep93xx:core.c: build warning fix
[ARM] 5454/1: ep93xx_eth: fix sparse warnings

Heiko Carstens (3):
[S390] wire up preadv/pwritev system calls
[S390] call nmi_enter/nmi_exit on machine checks
[S390] smp: fix cpu_possible_map initialization

Helge Deller (1):
drivers/input/serio/hp_sdc.c: fix crash when removing hp_sdc module

Herbert Xu (3):
gro: Normalise skb before bypassing GRO on netpoll VLAN path
tun: Fix crash with non-GSO users
gro: Restore correct value to gso_size

Hirokazu Takata (2):
m32r: move include/asm-m32r headers to arch/m32r/include/asm
m32r: move include/asm-m32r/* to arch/m32r/include/asm/

Holger Schurig (2):
imx21: fixes some clocknames
imx21: activate i2c

Huang Weiyi (2):
[ARM] pxa/em-x270: remove duplicated #include
[ARM] S3C: remove duplicated #include

Hugh Dickins (3):
powerpc: Allow 256kB pages with SHMEM
Revert "kobject: don't block for each kobject_uevent".
mm: pass correct mm when growing stack

Igor Mammedov (1):
Remote DFS root support.

Ilpo Järvinen (2):
tcp: fix >2 iw selection
Input: pc110pad - remove unused variable dev

Ilya Yanok (1):
qong: remove AIPS[12] mappings from machine-specific iotable

Ingo Molnar (1):
x86: disable X86_PTRACE_BTS for now

Isaku Yamahata (1):
[IA64] fix allmodconfig compilation breakage.

Jack Steiner (2):
x86, UV: Fix for nodes with memory and no cpus
x86, uv: add Kconfig dependency on NUMA for UV systems

Jack Stone (1):
ide: Remove void casts

James Bottomley (1):
tg3: fix big endian MAC address collection failure

Jan Glauber (2):
[S390] extend virtual timer interface by mod_virt_timer_periodic
[S390] qdio: remove dead timeout handler

Jarkko Nikula (2):
ASoC: OMAP: Fix DSP_B format in OMAP McBSP DAI driver
ASoC: OMAP: Fix FS polarity in OSK5912 machine driver

Jaroslav Kysela (6):
[ALSA] hda_intel: fix unexpected ring buffer positions
[ALSA] pcm-midlevel: Add more strict buffer position checks based on jiffies
[ALSA] intel8x0: an attempt to make ac97_clock measurement more reliable
[ALSA] intel8x0: do not use zero value from PICB register
[ALSA] intel8x0: fix wrong conditions in ac97_clock measure routine
[ALSA] intel8x0: add one retry to the ac97_clock measurement routine

Jason Baron (1):
Driver core: remove pr_fmt() from dynamic_dev_dbg() printk

Jaswinder Singh Rajput (2):
x86: pci-swiotlb.c swiotlb_dma_ops should be static
x86, documentation: kernel-parameters replace X86-32,X86-64 with X86

Jay Vosburgh (1):
bonding: Remove debug printk

Jean Delvare (1):
go7007: Convert to the new i2c device binding model

Jeff Layton (9):
cifs: flush data on any setattr
cifs: vary timeout on writes past EOF based on offset (try #5)
cifs: remove dnotify thread code
cifs: no need to use rcu_assign_pointer on immutable keys
cifs: fix unicode string area word alignment in session setup
cifs: fix buffer size for tcon->nativeFileSystem field
cifs: add cFYI messages with some of the saved strings from ssetup/tcon
cifs: remove unneeded bcc_ptr update in CIFSTCon
cifs: when renaming don't try to unlink negative dentry

Jens Axboe (13):
block: fix bad spelling of quiesce
Document and move the various READ/WRITE types
cfq-iosched: use rw_is_sync() to see if rw flags are sync or not
cfq-iosched: get rid of private SYNC/ASYNC defines
as-iosched: get rid of private REQ_SYNC/REQ_ASYNC defines
block: update biodoc.txt on plugging
buffer: switch do_emergency_thaw() away from pdflush_operation()
cfq-iosched: don't delay queue kick for a merged request
bio: add documentation to bio_alloc()
cfq-iosched: no need to save interrupts in cfq_kick_queue()
cfq-iosched: tweak kick logic a bit more
cfq-iosched: log responsible 'cfqq' in idle timer arm
cfq-iosched: add close cooperator code

Jesse Brandeburg (1):
e1000/e1000: fix compile warning

Jiri Slaby (1):
Input: mainstone-wm97xx - fix condition in pen_up

Joe Perches (4):
ALSA: hda_intel.c - Consolidate bitfields
MAINTAINERS: remove include/asm-*/suspend* file patterns
MAINTAINERS: update KMEMTRACE pattern after file rename

Jonas Bonn (1):
drm: set/clear is_master when master changed

Jonathan Corbet (1):
Trivial: fix a typo in slow-work.h

Jonathan McDowell (1):
usb gadget: fix ethernet link reports to ethtool

Justin Mattock (1):
ALSA: add missing definitions(letters) to HD-Audio.txt

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (1):
memcg: use rcu_dereference to access mm->owner

KOSAKI Motohiro (3):
sysfs: sysfs poll keep the poll rule of regular file.
proc: mounts_poll() make consistent to mdstat_poll
vmscan,memcg: reintroduce sc->may_swap

Kay Sievers (2):
driver core: allow non-root users to listen to uevents
driver: dont update dev_name via device_add path

Kim Kyuwon (1):
USB: musb: fix possible panic while resuming

Krzysztof Halasa (1):
rtc-cmos: fix printk output

Kumar Gala (3):
powerpc: Fix tlbilx opcode
powerpc: Add support for early tlbilx opcode
powerpc/mm: Fix compile warning

Lai Jiangshan (1):
tracing, sched: mark get_parent_ip() notrace

Li Zefan (10):
ALSA: sound/core: use memdup_user()
ALSA: sound/isa: use memdup_user()
ALSA: sound/usb: use memdup_user()
ALSA: sound/pci: use memdup_user()
xattr: use memdup_user()
btrfs: use memdup_user()
sysfs: use memdup_user()
xfs: use memdup_user()
ncpfs: use memdup_user()
ecryptfs: use memdup_user()

Linus Torvalds (4):
acpi-cpufreq: fix 'smp_call_function_many()' confusion
Get rid of final remnants of include/asm-$(ARCH)
Remove 'recurse into child resources' logic from 'reserve_region_with_split()'
Linux 2.6.30-rc3

Linus Walleij (1):
[ARM] 5455/1: Fix IRQ noise from VIC code

Lior Dotan (1):
Revert Staging: SLICOSS: use gfp_kernel where possible

Ma Ling (1):
drm: clean dirty memory after device release

Magnus Damm (3):
Driver Core: early platform driver
clocksource: pass clocksource to read() callback
clocksource: add enable() and disable() callbacks

Marcelo Tosatti (2):
[IA64] export smp_send_reschedule
virtio: fix suspend when using virtio_balloon

Marek Vasut (2):
[ARM] pxa: add missing declaration of pxa26x_init_irq()
[ARM] pxa: PalmTX and PalmT5 USB fixes

Mark Brown (7):
ASoC: Disable S3C64xx support in Kconfig
Input: wm97xx - don't specify IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM
[ARM] 5449/1: S3C: Use disable_irq_nosync() to fix boot lockups
[ARM] SMDK6410: Request GPIOs for LCD power control
mx31ads: imoux pins should be passed in as unsigned int
mx31ads: Depend on all the WM8350 core dependencies for WM1133-EV1 board
mx31ads: Mark as having full regulatoion constraints with 1133-EV1 board

Mark Lord (2):
sata_mv: tidy up qc->tf usage in qc_prep() functions
sata_mv: workaround for multi_count errata sata24

Markus Brunner (1):
gianfar: stop send queue before resetting gianfar

Martin Schwidefsky (5):
[S390] stp synchronization retry timer
[S390] fix idle time accounting
[S390] cpu hotplug and accounting values
[S390] add read_persistent_clock
[S390] boot cputime accounting

Matias Zabaljauregui (1):
lguest: fix crash on vmlinux images

Matt Kraai (2):
AFS: Guard afs_file_readpage_read_complete() definition with CONFIG_AFS_FSCACHE
lguest: tell git to ignore Documentation/lguest/lguest

Matt Mackall (1):
MAINTAINERS: add Matt Mackall to embedded maintainers

Matthew Garrett (1):
USB: qcserial: Add extra device IDs

Michael Ellerman (1):
dynamic debug: resurrect old pr_debug() semantics as pr_devel()

Michael Hennerich (2):
Input: ad7877, ad7879 - remove depreciated IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM flag
Input: bf54x-keys - remove depreciated IRQF_SAMPLE_RANDOM flag

Michal Schmidt (1):
skge: fix occasional BUG during MTU change

Mike Mason (1):
powerpc/pseries: Set error_state to pci_channel_io_normal in eeh_report_reset()

Mike Rapoport (1):
[ARM] pxa/em-x270: explicitly set .gpio_cs in TDO35S SPI chip data

Miklos Szeredi (6):
splice: split up __splice_from_pipe()
splice: remove i_mutex locking in splice_from_pipe()
splice: fix i_mutex locking in generic_splice_write()
ocfs2: fix i_mutex locking in ocfs2_splice_to_file()
splice: remove generic_file_splice_write_nolock()
splice: add helpers for locking pipe inode

Ming Lei (1):
driver core: fix driver_match_device

Mithlesh Thukral (4):
Staging: sxg: Fire watchdog timer at end of open routine to change the link
Staging: sxg: Use correct queue_id for transmitting non-TCP packets
Staging: sxg: Fix sleep in atomic context warning while loading driver
Staging: sxg: Fix leaks and checksum errors in transmit code path

NeilBrown (4):
md: allow setting newly added device to 'in_sync' via sysfs.
md: improve usefulness and accuracy of sysfs file md/sync_completed.
md: update sync_completed and reshape_position even more often.
md: support bitmaps on RAID10 arrays larger then 2 terabytes

Nick Piggin (2):
brd: support barriers
brd: fix cacheflushing

Nikanth Karthikesan (5):
block: Remove code handling bio_alloc failure with __GFP_WAIT
dio: Remove code handling bio_alloc failure with __GFP_WAIT
ext4: Remove code handling bio_alloc failure with __GFP_WAIT
gfs2: Remove code handling bio_alloc failure with __GFP_WAIT
swap: Remove code handling bio_alloc failure with __GFP_WAIT

Oleg Drokin (1):
Separate out common fstatat code into vfs_fstatat

Oliver Neukum (1):
USB: fix oops in cdc-wdm in case of malformed descriptors

PJ Waskiewicz (1):
ixgbe: Move the LED blink code to common, since 82599 also uses it

Pallipadi, Venkatesh (1):
x86, PAT: Remove page granularity tracking for vm_insert_pfn maps

Pascal Terjan (1):
USB: option: Add ids for D-Link DWM-652 3.5G modem

Paul E. McKenney (1):
rcu: Make hierarchical RCU less IPI-happy

Paul Mackerras (1):
powerpc: Fix data-corrupting bug in __futex_atomic_op

Paul Mundt (3):
rtc: rtc-sh: clock framework support.
sh: sh7722: Don't default enable the RTC clock.
sh: sh7723: Don't default enable the RTC clock.

Paulius Zaleckas (1):
MXC: remove orphan imx_init_uart() definition

Peter Korsgaard (1):
USB: ftdi_sio: add vendor/project id for JETI specbos 1201 spectrometer

Rafael J. Wysocki (5):
NET/e1000: Fix powering off during shutdown
NET/e1000e: Fix powering off during shutdown
NET/ixgbe: Fix powering off during shutdown
PM/Hibernate: Fix memory shrinking
PM/Suspend: Introduce two new platform callbacks to avoid breakage

Ralf Baechle (1):
<linux/seccomp.h> needs to include <linux/errno.h>.

Ramax Lo (1):
[ARM] S3C24XX: ADC: Check pending queue before freeing adc client

Randy Dunlap (2):
splice: fix new kernel-doc warnings
doc: fix kernel-parameters.txt mistaken deletions

Robert P. J. Day (1):
MAINTAINERS: add a more searchable string for the H8300 architecture.

Robin Holt (1):
sgi-xp/sgi-gru: allow modules to load on non-uv systems

Roel Kluin (4):
ALSA: emu10k1 - off by 1 in snd_emu10k1_wait()
drm: count reaches -1
spi: pxa2xx: limit reaches -1
bfin_5xx: misplaced parentheses

Russ Anderson (2):
x86, UV: system table in bios accessed after unmap
x86: prevent /sys/firmware/sgi_uv from being created on non-uv systems

Russell King (2):
[ARM] remove .gitignore from include/asm-arm

Rusty Russell (2):
lguest: fix guest crash on non-linear addresses in gdt pvops
lguest: document 32-bit and PAE requirements

Sachin Sant (1):
powerpc: pseries/dtl.c should include asm/firmware.h

Sam Ravnborg (2):
kbuild: support include/generated
kbuild: introduce subdir-ccflags-y

Samuel Thibault (1):
Revert "console ASCII glyph 1:1 mapping"

Sascha Hauer (3):
pcm037 board support: Fix eth interrupt gpio setting
MX31: Add more alternate pin definitions
mxc defconfig updates

Sergei Poselenov (1):
phylib: Basic support for the M88E1121R Marvell chip

Sergei Shtylyov (8):
pata_hpt37x: fix HPT370 DMA timeouts
libata: use ATA_ID_CFA_*
USB: musb: bugfixes for multi-packet TXDMA support
USB: musb: sanitize clearing TXCSR DMA bits (take 2)
USB: musb: fix isochronous TXDMA (take 2)
hpt366: fix HPT370 DMA timeouts
hpt366: use ATA_DMA_* constants
cs5536: define dma_sff_read_status() method

Shaohua Li (1):
agp: zero pages before sending to userspace

Stanislaw Gruszka (1):
myr10ge: again fix lro_gen_skb() alignment

Stefan Weinhuber (1):
[S390] dasd: fix idaw boundary checking for track based ccw

Stephen Hemminger (2):
netsched: Allow meta match on vlan tag on receive
staging: slicoss: update README

Stephen Rothwell (1):
sparc: asm/atomic.h on 32bit should include asm/system.h for xchg

Steve French (6):
[CIFS] Endian convert UniqueId when reporting inode numbers from server files
[CIFS] Fix build break from recent DFS patch when DFS support not enabled
[CIFS] remove some build warnings
[CIFS] Add support for posix open during lookup
[CIFS] Fix sparse warnings
[CIFS] Fix build break caused by change to new current_umask helper function

Steven Whitehouse (5):
GFS2: Make quotad's waiting interruptible
GFS2: Fix symlink creation race
GFS2: Move umount flush rwsem
GFS2: Clear dirty bit at end of inode glock sync
GFS2: Fix page_mkwrite() return code

Stoyan Gaydarov (1):
sbus: changed ioctls to unlocked

Suresh Siddha (3):
x86, CPA: Change idmap attribute before ioremap attribute setup
x86, PAT: Consolidate code in pat_x_mtrr_type() and reserve_memtype()
x86, PAT: Remove duplicate memtype reserve in devmem mmap

Séguier Régis (1):
via-velocity : fix compilation warning.

Takashi Iwai (7):
ALSA: add private_data to struct snd_jack
ALSA: hda - Avoid call of snd_jack_report at release
ALSA: hda - Add quirk mask for Fujitsu Amilo laptops with ALC883
ALSA: hda - Fix the cmd cache keys for amp verbs
ALSA: hda - Fix headphone-detection on some machines with STAC/IDT codecs
ALSA: hda - Add upper-limit of mixer amp for AD1884A-laptop model, too
ALSA: hda - Set function_id only on FG nodes

Tejun Heo (2):
libata: handle SEMB signature better
pata_legacy: fix no device fail path

Tetsuo Handa (1):
fs: Mark get_filesystem_list() as __init function.

Thomas Bogendoerfer (1):
Fix SYSCALL_ALIAS for older MIPS assembler

Toshinobu Sugioka (1):
sh: Fix mmap2 for handling differing PAGE_SIZEs.

Trond Myklebust (1):
NFS: Fix the XDR iovec calculation in nfs3_xdr_setaclargs

Valentin Longchamp (2):
MX31: pin definition for sdhc2
mx31: pin definition for csi

Vlad Yasevich (1):
ipv6: Fix NULL pointer dereference with time-wait sockets

Vlada Peric (1):
asiliantfb: add missing return statement

Vladimir Barinov (1):
MX31: Add I2C pin definitions

WANG Cong (1):
uml: kill a kconfig warning

Wei Yongjun (3):
tr: fix leakage of device in net/802/tr.c
sparc: remove some pointless conditionals before kfree()
cifs: remove some pointless conditionals before kfree()

Werner Cornelius (1):
USB: usb-serial ch341: support for DTR/RTS/CTS

Wolfgang Grandegger (4):
powerpc/85xx: TQM85xx: correct address of LM75 I2C device nodes
powerpc/85xx: TQM8548: use proper phy-handles for enet2 and enet3
powerpc/85xx: TQM8548: update defconfig
powerpc: Document new FSL I2C bindings and cleanup

Wu Fengguang (2):
ixgbe: fix tx queue index
ixgbe: update real_num_tx_queues on changing num_rx_queues

Xu Gang (1):

Yang Hongyang (1):
ipv6:remove useless check

Zhaolei (2):
tracing: Fix power tracer header
tracing: Fix branch tracer header

Zhenwen Xu (1):
[libata] fix build error on drivers/ata/pata_legacy.c

dann frazier (1):
ipmi: add oem message handling

eric miao (1):
[ARM] 5453/1: fix building breakage of sys_oabi-compat.c due to missing kmalloc/kfree (3):
x86, PAT: Change order of cpa and free in set_memory_wb
x86, PAT: Handle faults cleanly in set_memory_ APIs
x86, PAT: Changing memtype to WC ensuring no WB alias
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