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    SubjectRe: Xenner design and kvm msr handling
    On 04/21/09 15:33, Avi Kivity wrote:
    > Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
    >> Not sure, have to dig into the xen code to figure.
    >> Could be xen doesn't remember the page in the first place. They might
    >> let the illegal instruction fault handler patch the opcode. At least I
    >> vaguely remember some discussions about that.

    Xen does a simple msr-triggered memcpy() as well, without keeping track
    of the page. On a quick glimpse I can't find a opcode patching place
    either. Hmm.

    >> Could be there isn't a interface to forgot the page. "reboot" in xen
    >> land is "destroy guest, restart it".
    > How do you unload a driver then?

    The linux module (xen-platform-pci) has no module_exit() ...


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