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SubjectRe: [Bug #12705] X200: Brightness broken since 2.6.29-rc4-58-g4c098bc
Nico Schottelius [Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 04:35:32PM +0200]:
> Brightness is *AGAIN* broken in 2.6.30-rc2-00195-g9f76208.


My display *is* at full brightness, but I cannot adjust it,
because I'm missing some files:

[12:35] ikn:~# ls /sys/class/video_output
[12:35] ikn:~# ls /sys/class/backlight
[12:35] ikn:~# ls /proc/acpi
ac_adapter debug_layer embedded_controller fan power_resource thermal_zone
battery debug_level event ibm processor wakeup
button dsdt fadt info sleep

So I cannot adjust brightness. I saw that
/proc/acpi/video/VID/LCD0/brightness was not existing on 2.6.30-rc2-00195-g9f76208

Bug or am I missing some new file location?


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