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SubjectRe: Q: NFSD readdir in linux-2.6.28
On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 11:17:00PM +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> It sounds like the better answer is to just make sure i_mutex is held
> when nfsd_buffered_readdir() calls back into the provided filldir
> function (we could do it in the various filldir functions themselves,
> _if_ they call lookup_one_len(), but I think I prefer it this way --
> it's simpler). Patch below for comment.

Umm... I can live with that, assuming that we don't have callbacks
that take i_mutex themselves. AFAICS, everything we call there is
either obviously not touching i_mutex or is already called while we
hold i_mutex elsewhere, but I'd appreciate if somebody actually
tested that sucker for different versions of protocol...

> (While I'm staring at it, it looks like nfsd_buffered_readdir() should
> be returning a __be32 not an int, and its 'return -ENOMEM' should be
> 'return nfserrno(-ENOMEM)'. The first bug I inherited from the existing
> nfsd_do_readdir() when I replaced it, but the second is all my own. I'll
> send a patch to fix those shortly.)

Fold it into this one, please.

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