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    SubjectRe: mmotm 2009-04-10-02-21 uploaded - forkbombed by work_for_cpu

    On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > <stares suspiciously at smp_call_function_many()>
    > * smp_call_function_many(): Run a function on a set of other CPUs.
    > "other". It refuses to call the function on *this* CPU. Tricky.

    .. Argh. And totally different from all the other smp_call_function's. In
    smp_call_function_single(), for example, we literally test

    if (cpu == this_cpu) {
    } else {
    .. do the cross-call ..

    so I think this is just smp_call_function_many() breakage.

    In fact, right now the PPC flush_tlb_page() does that insane dance just
    because of this issue. So yes, there are a few current users, and they
    seem to dislike the bad semantics (the kvm code doesn't care).

    Duh duh duh.


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