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SubjectRe: USB storage no-boot regression (bisected)
On Tue, 14 Apr 2009 22:30:28 -0400
Jeff Garzik <> wrote:

> Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > This change just made it go faster enough for you to be out of luck;
> > fundamentally your userland needs to wait if the device it wants is
> > not there.
> All these drivers are in-kernel, and the root device is passed via
> command line. There is no userland at that point, that needs to wait.

ok fair; but that does not change that the kernel does not know if a
device is coming.
Yes that sucks; sadly USB is just this way, you don't know when no new
devices will come from a certain bus.

> If this change added an implicit initramfs requirement, that is a
> pretty major regression.

it didn't; this is what root_wait is for.

Having said that, I have a patch that basically retries this stuff
inside the kernel if the mount-of-rootfs fails....

(but it's independent of the usb improvement)

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