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SubjectRe: [RFC v2] virtio: add virtio-over-PCI driver
Hi Grant,

> Hmmm, I hadn't thought about this. I was intending to use the
> Virtex's memory region for all virtio, but if I can allocate memory
> regions on both sides of the PCI bus, then that may be best.

Sounds like you can experiment and see what works best :)

>> If you use
>> a PCI Target only core, then the MPC5200 DMA controller
>> will have to do all the work, and read transfers might
>> be slightly less efficient.
> I'll definitely intend to enable master mode on the Xilinx PCI controller.

Since you understand the lingo, you clearly understand
there are core differences :)

>> Our target boards (PowerPC) live in compactPCI backplanes
>> and talk to x86 boards that do not have DMA controllers.
>> So the PCI target board DMA controllers are used to
>> transfer data efficiently to the x86 host (writes)
>> and less efficiently from the host to the boards
>> (reads). Our bandwidth requirements are 'to the host',
>> so we can live with the asymmetry in performance.
> Fortunately I don't have very high bandwidth requirements for the
> first spin, so I have some room to experiment. :-)

Yes, in theory you have enough bandwidth ... then a
few features are added, the PCI core is not quite as
fast as advertised, etc etc :)


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