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SubjectTrouble with make-install from a NFS mount
Hi All,
I've been struggling trying to find the cause of a regression in
30-rc1 (compared to 2.6.29) where I am no longer able to make-install a
kernel via an NFS mounted home directory.

Historically I do all of my kernel development/building on one machine
and then I have a bunch of test machines that are NIS/NFS clients of
that machine that have the same /home mounted. When I am ready to
deploy a kernel, I log into that machine and su to root to simply "make
modules_install && make install" the kernel. This has always worked
until recently. I started getting this message:

INSTALL sound/usb/caiaq/snd-usb-caiaq.ko
INSTALL sound/usb/snd-usb-audio.ko
INSTALL sound/usb/snd-usb-lib.ko
INSTALL sound/usb/usx2y/snd-usb-usx2y.ko
DEPMOD 2.6.30-rc1-vbus
rm: cannot remove `include/config/kernel.release': Permission denied
make: *** [include/config/kernel.release] Error 1

I understand what is going on w.r.t. the root shell having permisssion
problems modifying data on an NFS mount. However, this _used_ to work
so I started investigating for what I thought would be a minor change to
kbuild that I could patch. At first I simply just hacked the makefile
to make the kernel.release stuff use the "-" to ignore the error. This
did manage to get me past the initial problem, but then I immediately
ran into more problems related to the generation of version.h and
version.h.tmp as well.

Looking into this, I couldnt track down where the "filechk" magic was
coming from (any hints from the kbuild gurus?). So I thought that I
would try to bisect the issue. However, that failed to produce a bad
commit for reasons that I do not quite understand either. Here is the
git-bisect log:

git bisect start
# good: [8e0ee43bc2c3e19db56a4adaa9a9b04ce885cd84] Linux 2.6.29
git bisect good 8e0ee43bc2c3e19db56a4adaa9a9b04ce885cd84
# bad: [b21597d0268983f8f9e8b563494f75490403e948] Merge branch
'for-linus' of
git bisect bad b21597d0268983f8f9e8b563494f75490403e948
# good: [7f6adeaf2d8800b66c5dd6c2cf2622dfdd68bd31] V4L/DVB (10730):
v4l-dvb: cleanup obsolete references to v4l1 headers.
git bisect good 7f6adeaf2d8800b66c5dd6c2cf2622dfdd68bd31
# good: [18222f98223a00537bcf29ba74c8d5fdb3ae1fb8] Staging: comedi: add
ssv_dnp driver
git bisect good 18222f98223a00537bcf29ba74c8d5fdb3ae1fb8
# bad: [32fb6c17566ec66de87324a834c7776f40e35e78] Merge branch 'release'
of git://
git bisect bad 32fb6c17566ec66de87324a834c7776f40e35e78
# bad: [714f83d5d9f7c785f622259dad1f4fad12d64664] Merge branch
'tracing-for-linus' of
git bisect bad 714f83d5d9f7c785f622259dad1f4fad12d64664
# good: [6404434525bb9f8f2239998f30fd7c93f2efa5b3] tracing/syscalls:
various cleanups
git bisect good 6404434525bb9f8f2239998f30fd7c93f2efa5b3
# bad: [0a053e8c71d666daf30da2d407147b1293923d8b] Merge branch
'for-linus' of git://
git bisect bad 0a053e8c71d666daf30da2d407147b1293923d8b
# bad: [811158b147a503fbdf9773224004ffd32002d1fe] Merge branch
'for-linus' of git://
git bisect bad 811158b147a503fbdf9773224004ffd32002d1fe
# bad: [b983471794e568fd71fa767da77a62ba517c3e63] Merge
git bisect bad b983471794e568fd71fa767da77a62ba517c3e63
# bad: [9140db04ef185f934acf2b1b15b3dd5e6a6bfc22] ocfs2: recover orphans
in offline slots during recovery and mount
git bisect bad 9140db04ef185f934acf2b1b15b3dd5e6a6bfc22
# bad: [feb473a6e8bd19297d0f3bb377b25055c0228c0a] ocfs2: Optimize inode
group allocation by recording last used group.
git bisect bad feb473a6e8bd19297d0f3bb377b25055c0228c0a
# bad: [e7c17e43090afe558c40bfb66637744c27bd2aeb] ocfs2: Introduce dir
free space list
git bisect bad e7c17e43090afe558c40bfb66637744c27bd2aeb
# bad: [59b526a30722f29e5dba6210a6e0fc34e3149b94] ocfs2: Remove debugfs
file local_alloc_stats
git bisect bad 59b526a30722f29e5dba6210a6e0fc34e3149b94
# bad: [96a6c64b5354b804b3ccfd1b31306565a01ebcb1] ocfs2: Move struct
recovery_map to a header file
git bisect bad 96a6c64b5354b804b3ccfd1b31306565a01ebcb1
# bad: [87d3d3f3931f3e0fca44fbb5c06ad45fc4dca9bc] ocfs2/hb: Expose the
list of heartbeating nodes via debugfs
git bisect bad 87d3d3f3931f3e0fca44fbb5c06ad45fc4dca9bc

What I dont really understand is that this (I thought) was supposed to
look for where the behavior first appeared between v2.6.29..HEAD, but
some points along the way were actually before v2.6.29 was cut. I don't
really know what went wrong, but if it matters I am running git 1.6.2.

At this point, I am stuck. Perhaps there is a better methodology to
deploying the kernels that I should employ, but I am not sure which to
use yet. Any help appreciated!


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