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SubjectRadeon kernel-modesetting on Alpha. Problem reading PCI ROM

I'm testing Jerome Glisse's drm-next-radeon branch which provides
Radeon Kernel-modesetting support on a Samsung UP1500 with a PCI
Radeon X1550.


While doing so, I've hit a few snags, and placed DRM_INFOs and printks
throughout code in question. On Alpha, it hangs after calling
fb_notifier_call_chain in register_framebuffer.

Jerome and I think that the hang may be caused by being unable to read
the PCI ROM.

The radeon_read_bios function makes use of pci_map_rom, which calls
pci_get_rom_size. In pci_get_rom_size, readb(image) doesn't return
0x55. It falls back to read_disabled functions which appear to

Why would the ROM not be able to be read by readb? Is this a general
problem, or Alpha-specific?

Attached are relevant dmesg logs and printk patches (against commit
7582b4332602dcf03bb0c79f17e0cf89eeec6623) to give context.


Matt Turner
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