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SubjectRe: Input driver for Twinhan USB 6253:0100 remote control
Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 April 2009 09:14:48 Mark Lord wrote:
>> Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
>>> Hi Mark,
>>> On Wednesday 08 April 2009 10:28:09 Mark Lord wrote:
>>>> Dmitry,
>>>> I briefly had access to a Twinhan remote control (for Mythtv et al.)
>>>> and cobbled something together quickly to make it work.
>>>> But I really don't understand the new hid/input stuff,
>>>> so this is undoubtedly a total abomination to your eyes. :)
>>> Actually HID is Juri's baby so let's see what he says ;). From my POV
>>> we need to update keymap to make it emit proper codes instead of Myth
>>> specific ones, but that is a lesser issue.
>> ..
>> That's one thing I haven't figured out: how to make this compatible
>> with the userspace intput-kbd interface for loading new key maps and stuff.
> You will need to convert your patch into proper hid_driver and
> implement drv->input_mapping() method instead of overriding emitted
> events. Then, once HID core is aware about proper mapping, normal
> EVIOCGKEYCODE/EVIOCSKEYCODE will work and will allow adjusting
> keymap from user space.

I tried that earlier, but input-kbd only ever listed a single (wrong)
key in the keymap, and wouldn't allow changing anything.
Obviously there's more to it somewhere, I guess.

> I think if you take drivers/hid/hid-belkin.c as a template the
> conversion will take you no time.

Okay, I can have a look at that one. Thanks.

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